Before and After Examples

Check out the difference art glass can make!

3 window b4.jpg

Before and After 

We took out an etched design and replaced these windows with a leaded bevel design that continues from one pane to the next.

4 window b4.JPG
4 window after.JPG

Before and after

Instead of a clear glass with a lackluster view, we added a simple cross lines design and privacy glass to this 4 pane window!

Before Kristen in LA.JPG

Before and after

A uniquely shaped window provided the opportunity for a unique triangular piece.

Not sure what you want? Our designers can help with that, too! Browse our previous works, tell us some of your likes and dislikes, or we can match the space the piece will be in. There is so much that can be done, contacts us today to make your custom vision come true!