art glass windows

Art Glass Overlay can be used to add color and design to your windows! Our designers work with you to create a stained glass overlay piece to fit the shape and size of your window and match your style.


Shaped windows

We don't stop at just rectangles! We can create custom shapes to fit your window and add a pop of color! This can be the actual window with glass over it to protect it. A piece can also be created to go right up to the original window as well.



A touch of the outside while still maintaining your privacy and bringing in the light. All of our overlay is also coated to cut UV rays to help protect you and your interior.

We also have cast glass and textured glass options with different levels of obscurity.


Leaded Bevel

Clear or Colored designs with lead lines and bevels! These can be very simple or more extravagant. The clear options leave you without having to try and match doors or windows with the rest of the decor. 


Not sure what you want? Our designers can help with that, too! Browse our previous works, tell us some of your likes and dislikes, or we can match the space the piece will be in. There is so much that can be done, contacts us today to make your vision come true!