Cabinet Glass

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen, or need a a new look to any cabinets, we have a decorative glass solution for you! Stained glass overlay can be used as inserts in cabinets with the safety and strength of tempered glass. We can even have the centers of most cabinets removed and replaced with glass. We can create the look you want with the level of opacity you need for your cabinets. Use stained glass overlay or lead and bevel to match and enhance your decor!

Art Glass Overlay can also create pieces from cast glass, sand blasted glass, or textured glass. These and other non-color options are available for various types of design and obscurity. Our installers can also remove your previous glass inserts and install your new designer ones!

Not sure what you want? Our designers can help with that, too! Browse our previous works, tell us some of your likes and dislikes, or we can match the space the piece will be in. There is so much that can be done, contacts us today to make your vision come true!