People often ask if broken crystal can be repaired, and in most cases, the answer is yes! With our UV cured glass adhesive, we can put back together broken pieces. So save as many parts as you can and we will do our best to make what was broken whole again. Vases, Swarovski pieces, Waterford pieces, and more have been repaired at our studio!

If you are dealing with chips in the rim of your glasses, we can also fix those by sanding the glass down just past the chip. This leaves a smooth, flawless glass that can be used again without the risk of sharp edges or the look of damaged glass. This process can also be used to fix some chips on the bases of stemware.

Art Glass Overlay also repairs stained glass panels, lampshades, or other works of art using the stained glass process. This is where our art glass experience began, and our artists are very familiar with the process of stained glass repair. We can add strength to pieces, repair and redo the solder, and do our best to match stained glass pieces to the original. If a piece cannot be matched, we can use our UV cured glass adhesive to keep the individual piece whole and solder it safely into place.

Email us at with a photo of your item and we can give you an estimate if it is possible for us to repair. You can also text us at (760) 390-2273 or contact us here.